A Message from Principal Nelson

A Message from Principal Nelson
Posted on 10/29/2018
Principal's Message

Hello Families!  

Happy November. Each week we focus on one character trait as a school. Classrooms discuss the meaning, thought, and question related to this word. Each month I will be posting the words we focus on so that you can review these as a family with your child. Here are the four character traits we focused on in October:

Empathy- We show empathy by trying to understand how someone else is feeling. When you notice that someone is sad, scared, angry, or worried, you are showing empathy! Once you know how someone is feeling, you can try to help them or be extra kind to them. Empathy is a great way to show others you care!

  Friendship- Being friendly means welcoming new classmates, treating others with respect, and reaching out to others who are lonely. Friends are a great resource to help you too. They will encourage and support you in good times and in bad, through success and failure. Being a good friend takes effort and kindness so try your best to be friendly today!

Helpfulness- There are many ways to be helpful to others. You can help get a tough job done, help someone learn new skills, or help someone feel better when they are upset. If you are helping someone, you are showing them respect and kindness. It’s okay to ask for help as well – we all need others to help us reach our goals.

Courage- Courage is doing something even when it frightens, scares, or worries you. Courageous people stand up for their own beliefs and people who need help. When you are courageous, you take risks and do hard things. Be courageous by setting challenging goals for your future!

As a school, we just set reading, math, behavior and attendance goals and shared them with our school board. Below are our goals:  

ELA:  To increase the number of students reading at grade level.  

Math:  To increase the number of students meeting the proficient level on math assessments.  

Behavior:  To reduce the number of write-ups.  

Attendance:  To increase the number of students who meet our attendance goal of 9 or fewer absences and/or tardies for the year.  

I am thankful for you, the family, for being such a huge part of your child’s education! We couldn’t do what we do without your support and assistance. Thank you for all your help and support with your child.  

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is truly an honor to be working with you!


Mrs. Nelson, Principal