General Expectations

General Expectations:
We believe all students can behave appropriately at James Sales. Good, positive behavior will be encouraged and recognized. When difficulties arise, the staff will attempt to help students to resolve problems in constructive ways.

Discipline: A Total School Program:

At James Sales our motto is "We Care For People." We believe that each person counts. We all have worth, value, and the ability to develop self-discipline and to make positive choices.

Discipline is not punishment. It is a training for making appropriate, positive choices in life. Discipline is a shared responsibility involving parents and all school personnel.


Guidelines for Success

I will be safe.

I will be respectful.

I will be responsible.


  • Follow Directions
  • Remain seated
  • Keep the aisle clear
  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to myself
  • Listen to the driver and staff
  • Use a quiet voice
  • Wait my turn
  • Share the seat
  • Be friendly
  • Be on time
  • Keep my things on my lap
  • No food or drinks on bus
  • Walk straight to my destination
  • Be honest


  • Walk, facing forward
  • Stay to one side
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to myself
  • Voice Level 0
  • Honor others’ space
  • Listen to adults
  • Stay in line
  • Silent wave and smile greetings
  • Go straight to my destination
  • Be honest
  • Carry a hall pass if not with an adult

Lunch Time

  • Eat only my food
  • Dispose of waste appropriately
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to myself
  • Use a quiet voice
  • Use good manners
  • Listen to adults
  • Wait my turn patiently
  • Help clean up
  • Take care of my own garbage
  • Be honest
  • Help others


  • Walk
  • Use materials safely
  • Follow directions
  • Put items in assigned places
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to myself
  • Use a quiet voice
  • Listen to the speaker
  • Honor others’ space
  • Compliment others
  • Share
  • Follow directions the first time they are given
  • Use time wisely
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Complete work on time
  • Try my best in all things
  • Take care of the materials


  • Go
  • Flush
  • Wash
  • Leave
  • Voice Level 0
  • Wait my turn
  • Listen to adults
  • Keep eyes/body to self
  • Use equipment and materials appropriately
  • Report any problems to an adult


  • Follow directions
  • Use equipment safely
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to myself
  • Walk when the whistle blows
  • Take turns on equipment
  • Use acceptable language
  • Be nice to others
  • Listen to adults
  • Include others
  • Encourage others
  • Be a problem solver
  • Take care of the equipment
  • Watch out for others
  • Follow game rules
  • Be honest
  • Choose any one activity
  • Put equipment away
  • Talk to adult when a problem occurs


  • Follow directions
  • Stay with my class
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to myself
  • Honor others’ space
  • Listen attentively
  • Clap when appropriate
  • Show appreciation
  • Participate appropriately
  • Be honest
  • Be silent when asked
  • Voice Level 0
  • Sitting on back pockets

Traveling to and from school


  • Walk safely
  • Stay out of streets
  • Use crosswalk
  • Speak only to people I know
  • Cross with the crossing guards
  • Share the walk area
  • Use kind language
  • Be nice to others
  • Respect the property of others
  • Keep my belongings with me
  • Help other children
  • Go straight to my destination
  • Be honest


School Dress Code:

School Board Policy 5200 (Section 11.9 Student Dress and Appearance) requires students "to observe modesty, appropriateness and neatness in clothing and personal appearance."

Students are not appropriately dressed if their appearance causes a disruptive influence either to themselves or to others. Students are not allowed to wear clothing or other items that are lewd, profane, or that advertise alcohol, tobacco and/or illegal drugs.

Hats and caps will be worn outside only. No make-up or temporary hair color is allowed. While shorts are OK to wear, the hem must reach past the fingertips when arms are hanging at side. While quite practical on hot days, "short-shorts", shirts exposing bare stomachs, halter tops, tank tops, sagging pants, disconnected straps on overalls, oversized coats, bandannas, scarves, and very tight spandex shorts are examples of clothing that are not appropriate. Please be aware of what your child is wearing to school and help us avoid problems.

Final Thoughts:

We expect parent cooperation and support of disciplinary actions we may take involving your child. You can expect us to be fair, consistent, and to communicate openly with you. We welcome your comments and concerns; feel free to contact your child's teacher or the principal at any time.